This Hemisphere of Liberty: A Philosophy of the Americas (1992)

Date: January 14, 2013

A Philosophy of the Americas
A “how-to” book for liberation from poverty and tyranny


“A provocative and original attempt to link the socially oriented communitarianism of the Catholic tradition with the creativity and dynamism represented by the economic liberalism of Adam Smith and David Hume.”

Paul E. Sigmund
Princeton University

“For the first time a North American writer offers to the world an outstanding and accurate analysis of the Latin American spirit. It is a philosophical link between North and South America that will help the integration of our continents.”

Carolina de Bolivar
President, Ludwig Von Mises Institute
Mexico City

“In very attractive language, Michael Novak stresses the moral foundations of liberty and capitalism through what he calls the Catholic Whig tradition. A book very much needed in Latin America.”

Dr. Alberto Benegas Lynch, Jr.
Dean, Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration
University of Buenos Aires



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