Michael Novak, retired George Frederick Jewett Scholar in Religion, Philosophy, and Public Policy from the American Enterprise Institute, is an author, philosopher, and theologian. Michael Novak resides in Ave Maria, Florida as a trustee and visiting professor at Ave Maria University. His wife Karen Laub-Novak was a respected sculptor, painter, and print-maker. Learn more about Karen in her own words. His daughter and sometimes co-author, Jana Novak, is an accomplished writer and blogger.

The Making of a Martyr: Father Richard Novak, C.S.C is a short new book by Mary Ann Novak to honor their brother, murdered in 1964 while serving as a missionary in Bangladesh.

Michael Novak’s new memoir Writing from Left to Right: My Journey from Liberal to Conservative is available at Amazon. Click here for the latest news about Writing from Left to Right including reviews, commentary and interviews.

Michael Novak

Ever since The Open Church hit shelves in 1964, Michael Novak has been a voice of insight on American and Catholic culture.

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Author & Professor

Author of 45+ books on culture, philosophy, and theology, Novak continues to influence and guide right thinking.

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Templeton Prize

Winner of the 1994 Templeton Prize, Novak’s Westminster Abbey address remains as instructive it was two decades ago.

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As a founding director of First Things and writer for many publications, Novak has sought to build up our institutions.

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The Latest Take: Insight into a Changing World

  • Blue Environmentalism – Part One

    By Michael Novak on June 24, 2015 in Coming Down to Earth

    In view of the new encyclical of Pope Francis, Michael Novak revisits the idea of “Blue Environmentalism” in a short series adapted from some 2003 writings.

    “The crucial insight, of which Pope Francis reminds us, is that nature is meant for man, not man for nature. Human beings are made by their unique endowment of liberty to be provident over their own destiny. One important way to exercise this providence is to take care not to foul our habitat.”

  • Millennia of Experience Matter

    By Michael Novak on June 17, 2015 in Coming Down to Earth

    One of the things I like best about the Catholic intellectual tradition is that, having passed through the storms of so many diverse cultures, it has picked up along the way a very rich vocabulary for discussing even humble matters. For instance, the Latin word (from a Greek root) caritas. What the word gives in the original is the name for the love proper only to God, white-hot and outward-going. It means the very energy that (as Dante put it) “moves the sun and other stars.” The primal energy of the universe. The energy that moves the world forward toward the good of each created thing in it. Especially human persons, the best images of God in all creation.

  • Catholic University Confers Honorary Degree on Dr. Novak

    On Saturday, May 16, 2015, the Catholic University of America conferred on Michael Novak the degree of Doctor of Education honoris causa, in recognition of his long career in education, writing, and scholarship. This was his twenty-seventh such honor.

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