Michael Novak, retired George Frederick Jewett Scholar in Religion, Philosophy, and Public Policy from the American Enterprise Institute, is an author, philosopher, and theologian. Michael Novak resides in Ave Maria, Florida as a trustee and visiting professor at Ave Maria University. His wife Karen Laub-Novak was a respected sculptor, painter, and print-maker. Learn more about Karen in her own words. His daughter and sometimes co-author, Jana Novak, is an accomplished writer and blogger.

The Making of a Martyr: Father Richard Novak, C.S.C is a short new book by Mary Ann Novak to honor their brother, murdered in 1964 while serving as a missionary in Bangladesh.

Michael Novak’s new memoir Writing from Left to Right: My Journey from Liberal to Conservative is available at Amazon. Click here for the latest news about Writing from Left to Right including reviews, commentary and interviews.

Michael Novak

Ever since The Open Church hit shelves in 1964, Michael Novak has been a voice of insight on American and Catholic culture.

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Author & Professor

Author of 45+ books on culture, philosophy, and theology, Novak continues to influence and guide right thinking.

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Templeton Prize

Winner of the 1994 Templeton Prize, Novak’s Westminster Abbey address remains as instructive it was two decades ago.

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As a founding director of First Things and writer for many publications, Novak has sought to build up our institutions.

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The Latest Take: Insight into a Changing World

  • For Trinity Sunday – A Parable

    By Michael Novak on May 27, 2015 in Coming Down to Earth

    Alice saw soon enough that person and communio are also the keystones of the mystery of the Trinity. And also at the foundation of Catholic social teaching.

    “One God in three divine persons.” Communio divinarum personarum. Three divine persons in one communion. Consubstantial. From which flows universal solidarity and the assent, the fiat, of each personal conscience. The subjectivity of each person and the subjectivity of each society. The one human community. Out of many grains of wheat, one loaf. The One Body of Christ, the communion of all in Christ.

    The themes keep recurring: personhood and communion.

  • The Fragility of Liberty – Part Two

    By Brenna Hapes on May 20, 2015 in Coming Down to Earth

    Achieving a culture of human liberty is a social and political project of the most demanding order. Without that difficult achievement, there would not have been, there could not have been, a United States.

  • The Fragility of Liberty – Part One

    By Michael Novak on May 13, 2015 in Coming Down to Earth

    On Disparate Meanings of “Liberty”

    I have long noticed a widespread distaste for the phrase “economic liberty,” not least among Catholics in southern Europe, especially in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France. In all these nations, of course, there are great champions of economic liberty. But many journalists and religious spokespersons shrink from endorsing it. This is especially seen among those inclined toward socialism, which in this context means a strong trust in the beneficence of government.

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