Business As a Calling: Work and the Examined Life (1996)

Date: January 14, 2013

Work and the Examined Life
“Breaks new ground by understanding business as a vocation with its own spiritual requirements.”


“This is one of the most challenging new books that I have read on business ethics since I started teaching the course. It is required not only for all students and teachers of business management, but also for those who actually manage business, and everyone else who thinks about the role of business in the modern world.”
Robert W. Fogel
The Graduate School of Business
The University of Chicago

“Michael Novak is our finest—and wisest—writer on the intricate interplay between religion and economics in American life. His new book, Business as a Calling, breaks new ground by understanding business as a vocation with its own spiritual requirements…. Michael Novak, as always, teaches us to think about old subjects in new and creative ways.”
William E. Simon
Former Secretary of the Treasury

“Michael Novak has penned a masterpiece. Business as a Calling is a must-read for everyone interested in capitalism, American style. From student to CEO; employee to major stockholder; government bureaucrat to politician—all will find something to enjoy and profit from.”
Richard L. Lawson
President, National Mining Association

“Once it was commonplace for theologians to address themselves to the various walks of life—Thomas Aquinas wrote a guide for governing princes. Michael Novak revives this great tradition with Business as a Calling. Anyone who thinks democratic capitalism is a blueprint for greed has not read Michael Novak. Anyone who thinks that the social and economic teachings of the Catholic Church are inimical to entrepreneurial capitalism has not read Michael Novak. Now, in Business as a Calling. Michael Novak writes on work and the examined life. No other writer could bring together Novak’s hardheaded understanding of the business world and the ethical and religious context in which alone human work can flourish. The latest in an important series of books by Michael Novak, Business as a Calling stirs, instructs, and edifies.”
Ralph McInerny
Michael Grace Professor of Medieval Philosophy
University of Notre Dame

“Rich, wise, and illuminating. Novak’s essay simultaneously rehumanizes capitalism and remoralizes business—an immense and timely contribution to our much-needed Western renaissance.”
Os Guiness

“This latest work goes where none of his previous writings have traveled—to the heart and soul of the business world… destined to become a classic… a must-read for students and teachers of business, managers, and others concerned about the moral role of business in the modern world.”
Dr. Edward W. Younkins
Wheeling Jesuit University



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