Three In One: Essays on Democratic Capitalism, 1976-2000 (2001)

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Essays on Democratic Capitalism, 1976-2000

“The growth and maturation of Novak’s writings about political economy.”


Throughout his many writings, Michael Novak, one of the leading Catholic social theorists of our times, has urged us to adopt a tripartite system of democratic capitalism including a market economy, a democratic polity, and a moral-cultural system that would nourish the values and virtues on which free societies depend. Three in One introduces the reader to Novak’s portrait of democratic capitalism.


“Three in One is a fascinating collection of essays on the centrality of faith and culture in our economic life. Michael Novak is an authentic compassionate conservative. He is a passionate, though not uncritical, champion of democratic capitalism. These essays are not only profound, they also are fun.”

Albert Hunt, Wall Street Journal

“Novak puts his own accent on the ‘incarnational dimension’ in theology: The most prosaic parts of life may be touched by a divine grace in ways often ‘hidden like the working of yeast.’ Making a living, supporting a family, sustaining workers and clients in a market—they may all require love and art and devotions that are enduring. But to put them together in a compelling way requires the learning of a theologian, joined with the wit and savvy of an accomplished writer. This is vintage Michael Novak, as only he can write it.”

Hadley Arkes, Amherst College



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